Dark Vision Films is an independent company since 2008 with an eye to bring you dark and original visuals!  Its mission is to bring you back the art in filmmaking through story telling and artistic visuals, back into American films!

Richard Terrasi is an award winning filmmaker and founder of Dark Vision Films. He is the writer, producer & director of feature films such as: "Am I Evil" (2007), "The Festival"(2010), "Dark Side Of The Moon" (2016) and "The Monster Mash" (2022) which was co-produced and co-directed by Kevin Losani.  

"Am I Evil" made its premiere screening on December 1st 2007 at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in NYC and also won "Best Director Award" at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival! "Am I Evil" was written, produced and directed by Richard Terrasi. 
"Am I Evil" also features original music score by Chris Alexander, Carrie Eliza and Kristian Day.  "Am I Evil" also boosted a soundtrack by "Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys" and "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"!

Richard Terrasi's latest feature film "The Monster Mash" which was mostly shot on Ultra 16mm & Super 16, made waves at dozens of film festivals around the world, gaining several nominations and winning several awards for the film! "The Monster Mash" received distribution through BayView Entertainment (Skinamarink) and is available on VOD and Blu-Ray!

Richard Terrasi's next project will be a supernatural horror feature titled "Shadow Reaper" and will start production in Spring of 2024. He also, has plans to make a bigger, better and bloodier "The Monster Mash 2"!
Filmmaker Richard Terrasi
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Richard Terrasi's work in the past include: "No Where Man" (1999) a comedy feature film shot on 16mm. "The Lurking" (2002) a short film written & directed by Aldo Di Avila and co-produced by Richard Terrasi and also starred, and created the special make-up effects. "Necromancy" (2003) a horror short, written, produced and directed by Richard Terrasi. Richard also designed & created the creature effects for the short. 

 *Remember people, IT'S ONLY A MOVIE!